About Us

Game to Grow

A better way to play.


Game to Grow was founded to provide a resource for facilitators to share resources on how they are using gaming to serve their communities — mental health practitioners, librarians, and teachers all use the power of play and games of all kinds to encourage their communities to experience positive growth and change.

Gaming brings us together.


Adam Davis

Founder, Game to Grow

Adam Davis earned a Master’s degree in education with a focus in Drama Therapy from Antioch University Seattle, and is a recognized member of the North American Drama Therapy Association. He brings his vast experience and training working with youth and his decades of experience with role-playing games to Wheelhouse Workshop, which serves the larger Seattle area helping teenagers build social skills using role-playing games targeted to real world areas of social growth. Adam also brings his talents to the Seattle Public Schools.

Adam Johns

Founder, Game to Grow


Adam Johns has been playing pen and paper role playing games for 20 years. He is very involved in geek community, and brings his expertise with social skill development to the table. Adam earned his Bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Arizona and  finished his Master’s degree in couple and family therapy at Antioch University. In addition to running groups for Wheelhouse Workshop, Adam is a therapist in private practice.

The Crew

The Game to Grow Community


Game to Grow is a community effort, bringing together the talents of professionals from across the world and from many disciplines.  Our goal is to share what we have learned from our experience so that others can use it to improve their lives and their communities.

Game to Grow is a movement, an mindset, and a discipline.  When you game to grow, you are building a culture of inclusiveness, abundance, and play.